Gurzel Yachting

We established our company in Bodrum Turgutreis, providing services in the field of yacht tourism, to allow us to offer history, sea, sports and entertainment to our valued customers. Our fundamental goal is to provide our guests a safe, comfortable and enjoyable holiday through daily, weekly and monthly boat rental periods. We also understand that a boat holiday need not only be a luxury, with boats available to suit every budget. We leave no stone unturned, to deliver our passion of giving all sea lovers an unforgettable holiday experience. Throughout the planning of your holiday, we are with you at every step – in choosing the most suitable boat for you, determining your route and determining the activities to make your holiday extra special. In short, we are here for the complete organization of your perfect holiday. As an additional service, we also offer an airport transfer service for a comfortable and safe journey from the airport to the destination marina. Sit back and relax, your holiday starts from the moment you land, whilst we provide a private, professional journey. No need to worry about traffic or delays at your destination - you are on holiday, after all! In addition to our boat rental services, we are at the forefront of the sector for sailing and captaincy training, and we ensure that you have the required certificates and experience in our training with our expert instructor staff. We organize all our training on our boats, teaching the intricacies of sailing from a to z. We invite you to have fun while learning and experience the excitement of sailing at its peak. We set out with the slogan: "Bring someone new to the sea!" Our main goal with our sailing training is to ensure that you have a certificate and experience thanks to our expert instructors and love the sea life. Let's all experience the excitement of sailing this summer. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services with the understanding that we are open to innovation, while valuing and respecting customer requests and expectations, and to continue to be a trusted and preferred brand. Our experienced team creates a family environment and allows you to be comfortable throughout the tour. We aim to bring together the most special Islands and coves with the experience of boat tourism that we have received from the past to the present. We are here to make every moment of your blue journey unique and provide you with a complete service with our experience.

Our Vision

At Gurzel Yachting, our vision is to be the leading brand in the areas that we can reach and provide the most reliable, accurate and practical solutions to our valued customers.

  • Being a leading brand that creates a sustainable blue travel habit for a wide audience, while keeping up with changing conditions by using rapidly developing technology.
  • Organize travel with tourism management, participate in fairs and organize various events.

Our Values

  • To be respectful to people and the environment.
  • Maintaining our services without compromising the quality of service.
  • Constantly developing ourselves as a brand and team.
  • With team spirit, we always work focused on customer satisfaction.
  • Providing international certificates and experience to captain candidates with quality and correct training.

Our Team

Get To Know Our Team

Mertol Gürzel


I was born in Istanbul and grew up in Bakırköy. I first started sailing at ADK Ataköy Sailing Club when I was 7 years old. After training with The Optimist class sailboat when I was 12 years old, I got my sailing license. My only desire at the time was to have my own boat in the future. I began to develop my sailing skills and participated on various the races held in Istanbul and Marmara regions with 470 and Dragon class boats. As a result of these achievements, we were selected by the Turkish Sailing Federation to participate in international sailing races in Denmark and were eligible to enter the national team. During this process, my interest to the sea became stronger and, thanks to my experiences, I began to approach my dream step by step. But fate threw me into the mountains of Switzerland in 1978. At first, I never embraced the country, as I was experiencing the difficulties of living away from home, like many other people. After completing my education as a computer specialist, I worked in Switzerland for more than 20 years in a telecommunications company, mostly in the IT department as a Messaging & System Engineer and Project Manager. 

Anstelle am Wettbewerb in Dänemark teilzunehmen, brachte mich das Schicksal 1978 in die Schweiz, mit ihren schönen Bergen, aber leider ohne Meer. Wie es so vielen ergeht, erlebte ich anfangs Schwierigkeiten in der Schweiz Fuss zu fassen. Nach der Ausbildung als Computer Fachmann, arbeitete ich in der Schweiz mehr als 20 Jahre in einem Telekommunikationsunternehmen, mehrheitlich in der IT Abteilung. Derzeit bin ich als Messaging & System Engineer und Projektmanager tätig. Meine Liebe zum Meer hat dazu geführt im Jahre 1995, als Allein-Unternehmer die Firma GMG zu gründen, mit dem Zweck die Reisebranche mit den selbst geschrieben Applikation zu unterstützen. Zudem war ich als Agent die Schnittstelle zu den Charterbüros, für die Reise-und Segelyachtbranche. Im Laufe der Jahre versuchte ich meiner Leidenschaft zu Segeln auf Schweizer Seen nachzugehen. Nach erfolgreicher Ausbildung, erhielt ich im Jahre 2005 die Lizenz für den Binnensee Bootsführerschein (Regionale Lizenz). Vom Schweizerischen Seeschifffahrtsamt (SSA), habe ich im Jahre 2016, nach absolvierter Ausbildung und den benötigten gefahrenen Seemeilen, meinen ersten Kapitänszertifikat als Yachtmaster Offshore für die Hochsee erhalten. Dank diesem Zertifikate habe ich die Befugnis, Skipper und angehende Skipper auf Hochsee auszubilden. Im Jahre 2020 habe ich  die Firma Gurzel Yachting gegründet, um unsere Erfahrungen und Leidenschaften an interessierte Menschen zu vermitteln. Mein Lebensmotto; Wirf die Leine weg und geniesse das Frei sein auf dem Meer, lass dich vom Wind in die Freiheit treiben.

Bora Erden

Lieutenant Oceangoing Master & Yachtmaster Offshore Instructor

I was born in Istanbul in 1979. I started my relationship with water by entering Naval High School at the age of 14. After graduating from the Naval Academy Industrial Engineering Branch in 2001, I worked in the Navy for 11 years in different roles and with a range ship classes. In 2012, because of my perception that the Navy moved away from its basic principles, I resigned from the profession of naval officer. I was very proud to have represented the Navy for many years, but the next challenge was as an oceangoing master. Between 2012-2017 I worked cruising the seas in a range of tonnage tankers and chemical tankers between 130-250 meters in length, from the far East to west of the Americas. In 2018, I moved to Bodrum, a special place with which I have had a relationship for many years, and established my training center, Captain's Sailing. With Captain's Sailing I began to realize my dream of organizing specific training to teach the main principles of seafaring.

Aside from life at sea life:

  • I was a licensed Athlete of the rowing team from 1993 to 1997.
  • Between 1997 and 2001, I was interested in swimming; I participated in the Bosphorus and Islands races.
  • In 1997, I became a participant in the exhibition of paintings at the Military Museum of Harbiye. I also participated in photography exhibitions and opened various exhibitions between 1998 and 2001.
  • In addition to my angling and boat fishing hobbies, I am also interested in scuba and skin diving.

My curiosity in literature has led to me writing many stories in both Turkish and English. In the following years, I turned my interest in war history into articles. To date, I have published more than eight articles in various journals. Over time, as my interest turned to German warships in the 2nd World War, I compiled the first book called “Bismarck” in Turkey with a study of 17 different sources. In the period from 2006 to the present, the translation work I was interested in as a hobby again moved to the professional field and allowed me to provide translation on many technical/maritime/medical topics.

Because of my experiences, I can summarize my philosophy on life with the following sentence: Stay at sea and smile at life; remember that they are both beautiful.

Selin Oğuzer

Social Media Manager

I was born in 1996 in Izmir. As a person in love with Izmir, I have spent my life in the Aegean region. I completed my educational adventure at Mev College, up until university. I was interested in photography during high school, winning awards in various photography competitions. In 2014, I started at Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Visual Arts. I am a 4-year graduate of Visual Communication Design in English. During my university term, I had exposure to a wide range of design works. In 2018, I participated in D&AD Festival 2018 and Typomania Logo Competition. In 2017, together with a friend, we formed Izmir Yemekle Bitmez (Don’t End With Food). Within this brand, our goal was to offer a flavor of Izmir to our followers - restaurants, cafes, etc. that we recommend from experience. Unfortunately, after many years I had to leave the brand.

Apart from my identity as a designer, I am very interested in the cocktail world. My first steps were as a hobby, to escape daily life. I now developed this hobby into a true passion. I love creating new things and sharing them with people. So, just like my work as a designer, I connect my passion with the outside world by creating new recipes and photographing my cocktail creations. Currently, I offer services as a freelancer in various fields such as logo, business card, brochure, corporate identity and social media content design in line with my profession. In addition, today, many small and large brands, as well as individual accounts, have taken their place in social media, and social media platforms have become increasingly important. So, to improve my offering to my customers, I have participated in various training in the fields of social media expertise, digital marketing & E-commerce.

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