The biggest advantage of a sailboat is wind power and maneuverability. Also, the rental prices of sailing boats are much more economical than other types of boats. If you have a driver's license, you can rent a sailboat without crew and holiday alone with your loved ones. On the other hand, if complete relaxation is your preference, you can rent a boat with skipper and be taken on magical routes through magnificent bays, taking advantage of the captain's experience. At Gurzel yachting, we serve our valued guests on a wide range of routes from Turkey to Croatia with sailing boats suitable for every budget, with or without a skipper. After you inform us of the desired route and Port of departure, we provide support at every step to choose the most suitable boat for you. After completing your booking, your sailing boat will be carefully prepared for you and will be waiting for you at the port of departure for an unforgettable holiday experience. An isolated holiday experience awaits you, where you will enjoy the wind and sea, away from the chaos of the city. There will be only the sound of the waves and the power of the wind.