Motor Yacht

Motor yachts are the perfect fit if speed and time are your priority. The biggest advantage of Motor Yachts is their speed, providing quick access from one bay to another – more time to relax on the beach, make day trips, explore secluded coves and snorkel in clear waters – in the end, increasing your free time! Designed to travel long distances in a short time, these yachts, usually produced as twin engines, have modern maritime systems on board. The low water section allows you to anchor even in shallow bays meaning you can explore bays that sailing boats cannot enter. You will feel the peace of the sea thanks to its spacious interior design, a large seating area and upper floor from which you can enjoy the view. Enjoying the hotel on the sea, you will spend a comfortable holiday, with cabins similar to hotel suites. A dreamy holiday opportunity awaits you with our luxury motor yachts.