The biggest advantage of catamarans is that they can go either by sail or by engine. The double-hulled structure provides a more balanced and stable posture on the sea. The effect of waves is minimised, resulting in a comfortable sailing experience. Thanks to these features, they are at the top of the preference list of guests who complain about seasickness. Catamarans are fast oats, whilst offering good fuel economy. The living space offered is more than that of a sailing boat. On the large deck, you can spend fun hours with family or friends - relaxing on a hammock between two trunks to cool off or sunbathe. In addition to the spacious deck, you will feel at home with extremely bright and spacious lounge. Because the water draw is low, it can enter shallow waters - meaning that you need not skip any cove during your vacation. Compared to sailing boats, in catamarans moving on the deck is much easier, as there are no clutters such as steps or ropes. For this reason, catamarans are the first choice of our guests with children. Check out our catamarans, suitable for any budget, for a holiday that is full of peace from the comfort of home.